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Singapore 2050:
A City of Well-being

Singapore 2050:

A City of Well-being

ArchiQueenstown School Design Workshop

archiTOUR by TAS

Queenstown Kakis:
Creating a Language
of Gathering

We ask what could be a way to love our city in a tangible way? As we reflected on the major developments that Singapore has undergone since independence, we saw the potential of connecting with heritage in the first satellite estate - Queenstown.


Located southwest of Singapore, Queenstown covers an area of approximately 2,188 ha, and consists of 16 subzones. With one of the highest proportions of elderly aged 65 and above, Queenstown earned its reputation as an "elderly town", where many of the residents live in smaller 2-room and 3-room flats. 

We wanted to bring the love of generations by drawing Queenstown into the orbit of Archifest, we seed activities and events centered around Queenstown. Comprising events from ArchiFORUMS, ArchiWORKSHOPS, and Fringe Events, it will be an interesting and dynamic affair to witness the energy involved with the possibility of linking to actual tactical and archi-puncture proposals for the real public issues in Queenstown. 

Health District School Design Workshop
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