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25 SEPT - 31 OCT 2020

2020 THEME

This year, we needed a theme that is simple and bold, yet positive and light-hearted for a sense of optimism, a foil to the crises that our world faces.

“Our world” means different things to different people: to a child it could be a classroom or a school, to a young family it could be their new home: to others it could be their beloved neighborhood to planners (and some DC superheroes) it could be the city, and to more and more people it is our planet, this World. Crucially a world worth saving.

“Architecture Saving OUR World” is not about grand architecture or the magnificence of architecture, but new ideas and responsible designs that benefit our ecology and humanity – climate change, public health, social equity and cultural continuity. Some of these have yet to make their way into mainstream architecture, but there is no lack of the spirit of 'creative activism' within the profession, creating concepts and testing postulations.

SINGAPORE ARCHIFEST 2020 seeks to bring forth this spirit and to demonstrate how architecture has the power to impact and ultimately save our world.
2020 Festival Director

Prof. ( Dr. ) CHONG Keng Hua

Dr. CHONG Keng Hua (KH) is Associate Professor of Architecture and Sustainable Design at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), he leads the Social Urban Research Group (SURGe), Opportunity Lab (O-Lab), and MND-HDB New Urban Kampung Research Program. He is also a Founding Partner of COLOURS: Collectively Ours, a design practice specializing in public space and social impact.
Author of Second Beginnings (2018) and Creative Ageing Cities (2018), his research on ageing, health and data-driven collaborative design has contributed to the field of social architecture. KH is a firm believer in civic activism, having co-founded ReallyArchitecture in 2006 and initiated PARK(ing) Day Singapore in 2013, advocating inclusivity and citizen empowerment. He was a member of the Jurong Lake District Steering Committee (2014-2017).
KH is internationally recognised for his curatorial works, including the Singapore Pavilion at Seoul Biennale 2017 and the Singapore Pavilion at Venice Biennale 2018. He will represent the Pacific Rim Community Design Network in the international exhibition Design for the Common Good in Denver, 2022.