THE LOCAL FARM - No Farmers, No Food!

by Gardenasia

Inspired by those living a modern-day busy lifestyle, The Local Farm’s ready-to-eat, ready-to-cook, and ready-to-use products are a convenient option for keen supporters of local farms and local produce. Through these curated selections with the local farmers, Gardenasia proudly bridges Singapore’s farmers with F&B retailers and partners, while seeking to educate and encourage one and all to embark on a healthy lifestyle. This creates a true farm-to-fork experience for all.

The current COVID-19 situation in Singapore has further reminded Singaporeans of how crucial food security is. Aside from getting food from various countries, it is important for the people to support the local farmers to ensure their efforts are sustainable.

Without farmers, there is no food. Thus with the TLF Survivor Pack, Gardenasia hopes to garner ground-up support and appreciation for the local farmers who have been working tirelessly over the years to provide food for Singaporeans.

The first of its kind in Singapore, the ‘TLF Survivor Pack’ is a ‘no-frills’ subscription pack created as an avenue to support local farmers. By having a TLF label, it gives assurance to the consumers that the food are specially curated by Gardenasia and are indeed coming from local farms, which includes N&N Agriculture (chicken eggs), Lian Wah Hang (quail eggs), Yili Vegetation (vegetables) and The Fish Farmer (fish).


01 - The Local Farm Bistro – Farm to Table experience 02 - The Local Farm Survivor Pack - #nofarmersnofood 03 - The Local Farmers - #nofarmersnofood 04 - The Local Farm Weekend – Farmers Market experience 05 - The Local Farm Survivor Pack – Farm to Home experience

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