The Festival’s first-ever virtual Pavilion

As part of the festival’s hybrid edition, the highly-anticipated Pavilion will be presented in an unprecedented format - virtually. Embracing their roles as “form-makers”, ADDP and OWIU Design will be showcasing their imagination by creating the ideal form and structure of the Pavilion online, in the absence of any economic or environmental restrictions. Festival goers can expect to explore a virtual Pavilion that allows them to examine the structure through an interactive 3D tour that offers up 360 degree views, right from the comfort of home.

“An Architect's job is to create a built environment that houses people. Therefore, it is the duty of the architect to always stay relevant and updated with the world and its advancements. We now have available to us, new tools that help us overcome obstacles that our predecessors were not blessed with, unforeseen as they might be, like in our case with Covid-19.” says Amanda Gunawan of OWIU.

When asked how do you manage expectations and bridge between a digital showcase and the real built Pavilion later on, Amanda says “The virtual world is the Architect's playground, it is our chance to simply become "form-makers". Bring this form into the real world to build and it inevitably has to change, for the better of course, because it becomes real. We then turn into problem-solvers and the way in which we address each problem is what determines our dexterity as Architects. Our challenge is to ensure that our vision does not become compromised when the pavilion gets constructed in real life. And that the way we bridge our Pavilion in the virtual world and the real world would enhance it by adding character. In short, the virtual exhibition is not a means to an end. Trying to compare both exhibitions would be like comparing apples to oranges. They will both serve different purposes, representing the same idea in two ways.”

We look forward to interacting with the 3D Pavilion this October!

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