Sustainable Timber Offices of the Future

by Scott Brownrigg | Supported by British High Comission

With the environment, sustainability and public wellbeing a top priority for the built environment, how can we respond? Here Scott Brownrigg introduces the use of timber in the creation of future office buildings - from the high rise tower to intimate internal workspaces.

Flute Tower

The Flute is a zero carbon, mass timber tower incorporating LVL, CLT and Glulam in the fabric and structure. Weighing only 20% of a comparable skyscraper in concrete and steel, it reduces the foundation construction required in the ground.

Its external diagrid structure and skin makes it earthquake resistant, whilst using less material overall. This diagrid skin also allows it to respond to local conditions to reduce solar gain, whilst framing views.

Its design ensures that biodiversity, clean air, and water management are integrated to create a healthy, attractive environment. Its design incorporates re-use and recycling in the form of composting areas and green energy generation.

The green park space at its base is for public use; giving back space to the city which would otherwise be lost whilst also offering office sky pods which provide healthy relaxed working environments.

The parkland is extended vertically! A living sky-climb offers a dramatic opportunity for the public and occupiers alike, extending the entire height of the building to the park on the roof, and bringing biofilia to every floor in the integrated terraces. The Roof Park provides escape from the noise of the city below, and provides a unique opportunity for relaxation for the building occupants and the public, a garden in the sky!

This unique vision for the future of our cites brings nature back to our urban spaces, cleaning the air, reducing pollution and constructed from sustainable ‘carbon sequestering’ materials, it supports the people and the planet alike.


01 -The Flute Tower Concept Exterior Day View 02 - The Flute Tower Concept Exterior Night View 03 - The Flute Tower Sky Park Aerial View 04 - The Flute Tower Sky Park Aerial View 05 - The Flute Tower Park at base

Timber Office Concept

The system applies to many types of buildings including linear buildings and tall buildings, in urban locations or on business parks. Enabling offices to be built in any form or plan layout with service distribution, acoustics and fire key considerations.

The system uses laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels, with the LVL rib panels giving good fire performance, a great span and attractive timber soffits. It is simple and quick to construct using a clip system with the building form achieved through a repetition of the chosen grids, which are selected not only for efficiency but also to fit the general shape and architecture of the building.

As well as the environmental and efficiency benefits associated with building with timber, office buildings constructed with wood enhance occupants’ health and wellbeing, with further benefits in terms of cost and modular construction.


01 - Connective Work Spaces 02 - Collaborative Atrium 03 - Low Energy Office Space 04 - Kit of Parts 05 - Passive Design

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