by Shophouse & Co

PODSCAPE - Sounds & Stories of The City is a creative placemaking engagement tool, a community collaboration platform and a public space catalyst. Comprising of a travelling mobile recording booth and a podcast, it aims to foster a sense of community through the shared experience of recording and preserving the memories the stories of the neighbourhood.

PODSCAPE made its debut in Bukit Panjang and featured a collaboration with sound artist Ng Sze Min of Artwave Studio to create soundscapes inspired by the neighbourhood, and polymath studio LITO as co-hosts of the podcast.

Two PODSCAPE pop-up experiences were held at Bukit Panjang with the custom-designed POD as the placemaking catalyst of the space. Inspired by vintage airstream trailers, the modular POD featured a mobile recording booth, and other segments that enabled fringe programmes to take place. At these communal experiences, residents recorded their favourite memories and stories at the mobile recording booth, wrote love letters to their neighbourhood, and experienced the series of soundscapes by Sze Min.

The community contributions recorded on-site during the pop-ups were then produced into a six- episode podcast series. Co-hosted by the founders of Shophouse & Co and the duo from one of Asia’s top podcasts, Dan & Rebecca of Lito, the podcast explores and unravels our sense of place through sounds & stories of the city.

PODSCAPE was first commissioned for the National Arts Council’s Arts in Your Neighbourhood March 2020. The PODSCAPE podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and shophouseandco.com/ podscape


01 - PODSCAPE’s debut at Bukit Panjang featured the mobile recording booth and other fringe programmes for residents to share stories of their neighbourhood 02 - Past and present residents of Bukit Panjang shared and recorded their favourite memories of Bukit Panjang in the recording booth, which were subsequently featured in the podcast episodes. 03 - A series of soundscapes inspired by the past and present narratives of the neighbourhood were exhibited for residents and visitors to immerse themselves the sounds of Bukit Panjang. 04 - A love letter to Bukit Panjang was one of the fringe programmes that encouraged residents of all ages to write or illustrate their appreciation for their neighbourhood. 05 - The mobile recording booth is inspired by vintage airstream trailers, consisting of the mobile recording booth and detachable sections for programmes that help catalyse the urban surroundings.


Cities all around the world have been impacted by a pandemic that threatens to alter urban life and spaces as we know it. As public health measures kick in to respond to the initial disruption, the key question remains — how can we begin to adapt and recover? At Shophouse & Co, we believe the answer lies in building resilient neighbourhoods.

KNOCKNOCK was created on a firm belief that local neighbourhoods are key to re-injecting life into the Post-pandemic City and ensuring its resiliency in the long term. Fostering relationships between next-door neighbours and activating common spaces safely remain crucial to provide social support and connection, as well as serving to create vibrant experiences that safeguard our physical and mental well-being.

The KNOCKNOCK community playbook aims to help neighbours build relationships with one another. Featuring simple activities and resources across a three-step approach, it is designed to help us get to know and collaborate with our neighbours to bring joy and life into our shared spaces in safe, fun and innovative ways.

Flexible and easily adapted across various housing typologies, KNOCKNOCK can be applied to high- rise apartments, driveways of landed estates, backyard lanes of shophouses and more. First launched as part of Porch Placemaking Week, it is part of a collection of resources to inspire communities across the globe.

The Archifest 2020 Edition of KNOCKNOCK will feature a remote community conversation series to share and discuss through interactive activities, how we can all play a part in our communities.


01 - The community playbook features simple activities and resources across a three-step approach. 02 - Building relationships with our neighbours will help provide social support and connection, while creating comfortable and friendly experiences to safeguard our physical and emotional wellbeing. 03 - The first step would be to check in on your current relationship with your neighbour and your aspirations for it. 04 - The second step invites you to step out and speak to your neighbours through suggested activities and available resources. 05 - The final step prompts you to reflect on your achievement and evaluate how the process can be improved or celebrated through feedback and sharing loop.

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