Leading a Positive Change

by IX Architects

Leading a Positive Change is a sharing on how a Singapore based architecture practice and friends reach out to the under privileged community in the region. Two projects will be illustrated to show how small efforts may bring about significant impact on people’s life and wellness.

More Than Just a Library

More Than Just a Library is a learning space that was designed to inspire the children of rural Cambodia. Nestled quietly on a primary school campus, students get to enjoy this library under all types of weather. Due to the lack of stable electrical supply, the library was designed to be comfortable in both extremely hot and rainy season without mechanical means. Even though the library comprises a pure cube form, it was designed to embrace existing site conditions without disturbing the flora and fauna. Family and friends from surrounding villages throng to the library during off-school hours and find themselves in a new realm amongst the books. Villagers also had a part to play in fabricating the rottan screens and cushion covers for the finishes in the library, giving them a part to play in maintaining the library in the long run. Developing a sense of ownership amongst the library users makes it a sustainable project with an ensured longevity. This also celebrates the local handicraft cultures and integrates the library even more into its geographical context. The biggest gift to the school lies in the integration of the library into the campus. The library cubes sit on a raised concrete platform that serves as a performance space The newfound activity space gives the school a whole new world of possibilities to extend their learning environment beyond the classroom. It is a surprising library – subtle in its execution, but astounding in its impact on the villagers’ lives.

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01 - More Than Just A Library - Kiriminoen School Students 02 - More Than Just A Library - People 03 - More Than Just A Library - Design 04 - More Than Just A Library - Construction 05 - More Than Just A Library - Uplifting the Human Spirit

Project 2020

A group of 20 Singapore architects and friends have come together for a worthy cause in Cambodia. Entitled Project 2020, this social project is in collaboration with the Cambodian Community Dream Organisation, Inc. (CCDO) under the WASH program. Project 2020 starts off with the Singapore architects designing 20 latrines for 20 families in Village Bustatrav, SvayChek Commune, Angkor Thom District, Siem Reap, Cambodia. The project aims to raise awareness of sanitation issues faced by impoverished villages in developing countries. All the architects involved have devoted much voluntary time and effort, creating pro bono designs for the village families. Each of the architects has also funded the full cost of building a latrine. With the usage of these latrines, the village households would be able to alleviate their current living and health standards. In addition, the group has raised more than USD$20,000 successfully through a crowd fund, to finance the building of a total 100 latrines in the province this year. The architecture fraternity has been brought together to make a social cause materialise into success. In addition, it is a good opportunity for the architecture students from National University of Singapore to collaborate with the students from the American University of Phnom Penh and Angkor University. A total of 100 participants have taken part in the event with the local villagers in building 20 latrines simultaneously over the weekend of 22nd and 23rd Feb 2020.

More about this project here.


01 - Project 2020 – The Spirit 02 - Project 2020 – Team Members 03 - Project 2020 – Children of Bos Tatrav 04 - Project 2020 – Singapore Team in Action 05 - Project 2020 – Completion of 100 Latrines

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