by Grey Canopy

I AM ENOUGH is a spatial movement that seeks to create hope, joy, self-discovery and self-assurance amongst youths of today.

Fundamentals of Foundation - Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre

Project Partner | Kyoob Architects

As the opening project for “I Am Enough”, the design motivation at Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre is in respecting every youth as an individual with a voice. The space are designed to foster four relationships with the self, or simply put, “ME”. Me, and my Environment – where multi-purpose hall, classrooms, wellness studios and workshop spaces promote skills and knowledge-sharing.

Me, and my Friends – co-study areas, performing platforms and collaborative spaces.

Me, and my Family – be it at the centre’s vegan F&B outlets or other congregation spots.

Me, and Myself – quiet corners or alone spaces.

As the design concept “Fundamentals of Foundation” implies, the volume of space spanning across 4,900sqm is a holistic view of returning to bare basics of building structures, that is to reveal columns, roof truss and joints as an overall design language. Where less is more, the look-and-feel is deliberately muted to basic building material, mainly concrete, timber and glass to quieten all visual stimulations; whilst joineries are detailed and constructed in tongue-and-groove joints to be part of a building block, a stool, a table, a shelf, or a display. The site is adjacent to Yishun Pond. Removing the boundaries for an inside-out approach is simply being honest to the environment. Multiple wide entrances are introduced to create cross-ventilations and reducing air-con spaces to <45% of total area. The axes of walkways converge at the center-stage, while the front and rear entrances frame the exterior greenery into the building.


01 - A thoroughfare between front and rear entrance framing the environment beyond the building, the center- stage and the main axis 02 - Visual and physical connection between wellness studios and greenery/pond through panels of pivot doors 03 - Wide entrances and walkways that punch through building to bring in cross ventilation and football from the vicinity 04 - Entrance into multi- purpose hall through panels of pivot door 05 - Connection between co-study area and classrooms through panels of pivot doors

A Journey of Self Exploration - Bukit Panjang Public Library (Adults & Teens)

Project Partner | Design Metabolists

Part 2 of “I AM ENOUGH” is about “A JOURNEY OF SELF-EXPLORATION" at Bukit Panjang Public Library, where the trip can be intuitive, instantaneous and easy route-map to self-learning and self-discovery. A contemporary design that hopes to attract and fulfil the changing needs of younger crowd in this digital and instant-gratification age, the learning journey at the Adults and Teens library takes users through scenes of stylized tunnels and turns, forests and mountains, and of nooks and crannies. Like a network of train maps, the Adults and Teens library takes a holistic design approach from interior architecture to curvilinear designs and way-finding through the use of colors to lead visitors to their preferred collections. The overarching design direction and spaces are designed to be a fluid and open plan where the learning journey and self-discovery can be extended. With the open plan, not a single wall stands in between the book collections. The seating areas are designed to allow alone spaces, groups of 2, mid-sized and large groups where people from different walks of life can come together and share comfortably, yet respecting each other’s personal space.


01 - From colored floor patterns to cloud-like loops in the ceiling, the use of colors as wayfinding and design aesthetics lead visitors to various collections intuitively 02 - The book mountain takes readers on an extended journey up to the apex where circular bookshelves, study area and reading spaces are tiered at various heights for a different vista view- points 03 - A play of floor levels and seatings give teens greater freedom and fun in collaborative spaces and programme 04 - The entrance lobby sees walls of "trees" encroaching around the concave space that opens up the adults and teens library at the end of the tunnel 05 - Circular bookshelves are designed to serve both as forms and functions. The negative space of each circular shelf is designed to contain a small group reading area where readers could pick up a book or two and read within close vicinity of the shelves. Each enclave gives greater privacy and space to readers

Every Little Step - Bukit Panjang Public Library (Children)

Project Partner | Design Metabolists

The final instalment of “I AM ENOUGH” takes kiddos on a self-exploration joyride into fictional world of Bukit Panjang Public Library’s Children’s section.

Like “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, seeing is believing! This library exclusively for kids greets its young visitors with a booking sorting machine where kids can “feed” the machine with books they have read! Otherwise hidden in the back-of-house area, the automated machine creates interests and awareness to book reading. In doing so, it helps young readers to understand what goes behind the scene in keeping and maintaining a well-stocked library.

Colours are used in the entire library space for both design aesthetics and wayfinding purposes, while the books’ collections are set in a backdrop of 2D scenes of a train ride.

From Book Mountains, to woods and lily ponds, reading is a lot more fun and entertaining with bookshelves, tables and seats that are designed and built for these young crowd.


01 - From colored floor patterns to cloud-like loops in the ceiling, the use of colors as wayfinding and design aesthetics lead visitors to various collections intuitively 02 - A play of floor levels to allow different types of seatings within the open plan kids library 03 - A 360- degree ramp takes young readers into an imaginary journey of mountainous pathways, with graphical trees flanking on the sides of the route 04 - A huge book- sorting monster hides in this woods at lobby entrance of the kids library to eat up all the books that had been read by young ardent readers! 05 - A lifestyle co- reading space with a staggered table-and-stool piece for kids of different age and height

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