HDB Farming Community

by MU Architects

^ Various personalised urban farming opportunities along the HDB common corridor façade

The scheme is a hypothetical concept that seeks to allow the everyday HDB dweller to have simple, straightforward, doorstep access to urban farming opportunities. It also allows for HDB communities to foster greater social cohesion.

HDB Farming Community

During the Covid 19 lockdown, MU Architects envisioned a hypothetical scheme that seeks to allow HDB dwellers to have simple doorstep access to urban farming opportunities.

Singapore is an island state on 721.5 sq km of land. With its growing urban population of 5.369 million residents, it is highly dependent on its neighbours for food and water. We have an import dependency for food supply but recently there is a growing urgency to reduce reliance on importation of food. The Singapore Government is also keen to increase local food production to 30% of our needs by 2030. The recent CoVID 19 worldwide pandemic is a reminder of the importance of food security and local production.

Singapore is an urban city. An approach to developing local produce is to go vertical and incorporate technological methods. However, we explore urban farming from a personal perspective. Not only does this cultivate food produce; it imparts to the community a mindset of sustainability, promotes social interaction and a healthy lifestyle.

Our scheme involves a series of lightweight structural elements to be inserted onto the façade of HDB apartment blocks along the common corridor. These insertions range from balconies, to staircases, retractable screens and ledges. These insertions are designed to allow for the planting of vegetables. Solar panels and rainwater collection systems are also integrated into this system of ‘plug-ins’.

It is our hope that the HDB dwellers would be able to benefit socially and economically from these personalised urban farming opportunities.

For more information, visit the physical exhibition at Nyee Phoe (Gardenasia) during Singapore Archifest 2020.


01 - Insertions are designed to be light weight and easily integrated into existing building structures 02 - The scheme envisions the revitalisation of HDB facades and estates 03 - Breakdown of the various lightweight insertions 04 - Section across building showing how these insertions interact with our existing HDB homes 05 - We envision HDB residents benefitting from this scheme in many different ways

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