Ground-Up Initiative

by Ground-Up Initiative

We help people become more aware of environmental and social issues both locally and globally through community engagement programs such as our signature ‘Balik Kampung’ programme, education workshops and organic farming activities.

GUI hope that people will become the change they want to see and in turn, initiate and drive the changes because they care.

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01 - Using the earth drain in our backyard as a living classroom as part of the nature place-making process. 02 - It takes a village with nature to raise a child. 03 - GUI have spaces that allows for slowing down to declutter ourselves from our busy lives. 04 - GUI practices sustainable living at our campus where activities are done with the underlying purpose of connecting people. 05 - Farming is a key platform at GUI for connecting people with the land, one another and ourselves. 06 - The community here is young and old, all coming together for a common goal.

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