by ComCrop

One of the pillars of Singapore’s Total Defence is Economic Defence. This pillar talks about a robust, resilient economy, which includes a resilient supply chain. ComCrop seeks to make use of under-utilised land spaces to produce food close to communities. This improves our self-sufficiency and food security, and supports a strong economic defence which shelters us from unforeseen supply shocks.

^ ComCrop built Singapore’s first rooftop farm incorporating a greenhouse for better climate control. This helps remove the need for pesticide use, as well as provides a good environment for the healthy growth of crops.


01- The healthy vegetables produced by ComCrop all begin from tiny seeds, sprouted in trays that are fed with the exact nutrients necessary for robust growth, coupled with ample sunlight and good ventilation. 02 - As the seedling grows, they are transplanted by farm workers, or beneficiaries from different social service organisations. By tailoring work for differently-abled persons, ComCrop seeks to create meaningful work for people in the community. 03 - Space is a closely-guarded commodity here in land-scarce Singapore. To maximise this, our young plants in the nursery are spaced apart just enough so that each plant receives the right amount of sunlight. 04 - Every plant receives a steady stream of oxygen-rich water packed with the same essential nutrients found in soil. These nutrients (like nitrogen, potassium or phosphorus among others) ensure robust growth, resulting in tasty and healthy vegetables. 05 - Our careful use of resources means we can be more efficient and productive than conventional farms. This greenhouse alone has the capacity to produce up to 100kg of vegetables a day!

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