An Honorable and Humble Win

Mdm Chin Hang-Ping, partner of ADDP Architects spoke to the Archifest team through Zoom about winning the SIA-LES Pavilion Design Competition. She talked about how ADDP collaborated with Joel Wong and Amanda Gunawan, Principals and Founders of OWIU Design who are good at exploring materials, technologies and fabrication.

As the competition was held during Singapore’s Circuit Breaker period, Joel and Amanda are separated geographically. Amanda is in Los Angeles and unable to travel home to join Joel in Singapore but that does not deter them from working remotely for the competition, which brought them closer.

The pavilion design titled ‘Reclaiming Connectivity’ uses photography print on LES glass which was inspired by Amanda’s photos on abstraction of natural landscape. It captures the subtle details of water, as an attempt to distort its original way of being perceived. Like wise ‘Reclaiming Connectivity’ is a relook at what is current, a call to reinvent typologies in the face of social distancing challenges in public spaces. “We shouldn’t be taking the easy way out or give in to fear. Design can still create public spaces that maintains connection and still keep us safe”.

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