Singapore Archifest Opening Forum: How Can We Place Architecture at the Frontline


25 September 2020

7:00 -8:15pm (SGT)

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This Opening Forum will discuss the role of architecture in today’s world, featuring different leaders in the built industry on how they are tackling the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic through architectural responses and resources readiness, and how to restart safely and transform the building industry.

Guest- of-Honor

Mr. Desmond Lee         Minister for National Development & Minister-in-charge of Social Services Integration


Ar. Richard Lai

Ms Hwang Yu-Ning

Ar. Chin Hang-Ping

Dr. Hossein Rezai

Mr. Ng Yong Sheng

SIA President

DCEO & Chief Planner | URA

Partner | ADDP Architects

Director | Web Structures

Marketing Director | SG-Glass


Dr. Chong Keng Hua

Festival Director | Singapore Archifest 2020

Saving Global Heritage

Saving Global Heritage Forum - Image by Ronald Lim


2 October 2020

7:00 -8:30pm (SGT)



In collaboration with the UK’s Department for International Trade and RIBA Singapore Chapter, the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is delighted to be hosting a Sharing Session on the theme of Saving Global Heritage as part of Singapore Archifest 2020. Heritage has a wide interpretation and is not limited to any particular timeframe:  it does differ from one place to another. However restoration and protection of heritage buildings are important to society as these buildings are the visual representation of the journey a place has taken over time.  Saving our history is very much part of saving our world!     During this event, audience will hear from 10 expert panellists from Singapore, UK, Gulf, China and other ASEAN countries who will present their insights into heritage and conservation work from different parts of the world.


Geoff Rich

Annalie Riches

Mark Powell Kyffin

Mustapha Kamal Zulkarnaih

Colin Ward

Khoo Peng Beng

Un Wai Kay
Jonathan Poh

Dong Hao

Ji Gan

Architect & Media Partner | Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios | United Kingdom
Founding Director | Mikhail Riches Architects | United Kingdom
Head of Architecture | Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism | United Arab Emirates

Principal | Arkitek Mustapha Kamal (AMK) | Malaysia

Senior Partner | Fosters + Partners | Hong Kong

Founder | ARC Studio | Singapore

Associate Principal | Architects 61 | Singapore

Principal Architect | Provolk | Singapore

Co-founder & Partner | Crossboundaries | China

Associate & Deputy Chief Architect | ARUP | China

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RETHINK : REBOOT : REVAMP – By Young Architects Studio

YAS Forum- Rethink Reboot Revamp - Image by NUS Bo


17 October 2020

12:30 -3:30pm



“Architecture saving OUR world” has a special meaning this year. As the world is facing an unprecedented crisis of a pandemic, it is even more important for Architects and Designers, young and younger, to get together; to RETHINK our current practices; to REBOOT our outdated systems; to REVAMP our future. Following our previous successful “Open Studio”, YAL is back with the third edition! Rebranded as YAS (Young Architects Studio), this year’s event will feature students from multiple architecture schools, alongside 3 young architects, coming together to discuss and share their perspectives on the relevance of architecture through this year’s theme of “Architecture saving OUR world”. Come and join us and learn more about what architecture students explore academically and how they can be applied in reality!


Jonathan Poh

Trecia Lim

Rudy Taslim

Founder | Provolk
Founder | WeCreate Studio
Founder | Genesis Architects


Wong Ker How


Student Representatives




Alban Mannisi | Fatima Zehra | Shota Saito | Edward Kermode

Bonaventura Kevin | Toby Fong | Fong Shi Yuan | Han Yi

Rebecca Tan | Jeanette Lee | Sean Lee | Ng Su Wen | Lester Lim | Grace Sim | Wen Qi


Archifest 2020 SP x SUTD Forum: Biomimesis in the Age of Climate Change



2 October

3:30 - 6:00pm



“If a house were a thing made by nature…” - Aristotle
The Forum first reviews selected histories and philosophies of biomimesis, leading to fresh views in the approach and translation of nature as design in the age of Climate Change. This enquiry has recently been delved into through a workshop conducted recently in the School of Architecture and Built Environment in Singapore Polytechnic. The workshop seeks to discover possible biomimetic design solutions for the built environments through an intense ideation process with teams of students looking at different biomimetic strategies. Preliminary works from the workshop will be presented during the forum. Alternative approaches to biomimesis will be presented by speakers from both SP.ABE and SUTD.ASD.
Image by Biomimetic Design Workshop, ABE, Singapore Polytechnic


Dr. Faris Hajamaideen
Fa’izan Shah
Dr. Choo Thian Siong
Prof. Christine Yogiaman

Director | Singapore of Architecture and Built Environment, Singapore Polytechnic
Lecturer | Singapore of Architecture and Built Environment, Singapore Polytechnic
Lecturer | Singapore of Architecture and Built Environment, Singapore Polytechnic
Assistant Professor | Architecture and Sustainable Design, Singapore University of Technology and Design


Assistant Professor | Architecture and Sustainable Design, Singapore University of Technology and Design

Prof. Michael Budig

Letters to Singapore: Speculations of Agrarian Urbanisms



9 October

7:00 - 9:00pm



Enthusiasm for agriculture - food production has grown in and around cities, while we have seen Singapore’s scene blossom in the last decade alone. As we work hard towards a better food future, it is always good to take a step back and reassess where we are at.

While much has been written and built with food as a key tenet of culture in mind, how might we consider the profound implications for the city itself? Perhaps we may draw from the possibilities that present itself with agrarian urbanism:

How might we rethink ecological design and practices within cities, thereby questioning our assumptions - unsustainable agri trends, numbers driven indicators.

How might we move forward, and build resilient, pluri- worlds for human and our non human allies alike?

We would like to use the opportunity to celebrate the farmers that have come before us, with that spirit work towards positioning our home grown produce as superior to those imported.

This panel invites practitioners and urban farmers, seeking to convene dialogue and bold imaginations with regards to how we ought to feed our cities, redefining and stretching notions of what it means to be a farmer in the city: as land stewards, community leaders, as designers of ecological principles.

Co- curated by Bjorn Low and Michelle Lai


Mr. Mason Tan
Mr. Kenny Eng
Mr. Chua Ping Yit (Bing Yu)
Andrew Tsui

Former President ( 1997-2002, 2006 | Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects
Director | Nyee Phoe Group, Gardenasia
Kampung Architect | Ground Up Initiative
Co-Founder | Rooftop Republic Hong Kong


To be announced later

Why Architect? Forum: All of what you have always wanted to know but never dared to ask!



10 October

3:30 - 5:30pm



In conjunction with this year’s Archifest festival, the Small and Medium Architectural Practices Committee (SMAP) are presenting another exciting session of the ‘Why Architect? Forum 2020’. All of what people have always wanted to know but never dared to ask!

This forum is an excellent platform for anyone interested in what architects do as a profession. Open to the public, the forum attracts people from all walks of life - from fellow practitioners to secondary and tertiary student and architecture enthusiasts.

Organised with a panel of professionals ranging from the Architect who runs her/his own practice, to the relevant built environment specialists there will be an enlightening sharing of the role of Architects in the creation of the built structures in which we live, work and play. What goes on in the Architect’s mind during the whole process? Behind-the-scene stories and secrets will be revealed!

This year’s Archifest theme is ‘Architecture Saving Our World’. The ‘Why Architect? Forum’ hopes to contribute to this bold dialogue by bringing to the public an understanding and appreciation of the profession, as well as our commitment to the Planet and Humanity.

Why Architect? organising team are Yann Follain (WY-TO), Wu Huei Siang (WASAA Architects & Associates) and Casey Chua (ADX Architects Pte Ltd)


Ar. Kelvin Wang
Ar. Loh Zixu
Mr. Khor Tse Eng
Mr. Steve Goh
Ar. Catherine Loke

Director | ADX Architects
Architect | Richard Ho Architects
Director | ZIVY Architects
Director | YSCA Consultants, Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers (SISV)
Director | Just Build
Partner | Lander Loke Architects


Director | WASAA Architects & Associates
Director | ADX Architects

Ar. Wu Huei Siang
Ar. Casey Chua

Pecha Kucha Penang Night x Singapore Archifest 2020: Let’s Go-Ro!



16 October

8:00 - 10:00pm



Gotong Royong: Architecture That Keeps Our Community Spirit Alive

Streaming live from Singapore and Malaysia, GO-RO is a newly incepted forum by Singapore Archifest 2020 co-organised with Pecha Kucha Penang, in conjunction with World Architecture Day. The virtual forum will connect social architects and community designers from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, encouraging dialogue, establishing network, and empowering movements, which embody the essence of “Gotong Royong”, i.e. mutual help.

GO-RO aims to bring participants the understanding on what the architects/designers/artists have been doing to bring about more cohesive community, and what can be done for the future. It also serves as a platform for passionate individuals to ask questions and gain insights on the community issues they are concerned about.


Adib Jalal
Lin Shiyun
Kee Jing Zhi
Stephen Cairns
Miya Irawati
Tan Bee Eu
Wong Wei Ping
Tey Tat Sing
Nicholas Ng
Noriko Deno

Director | Shophouse & Co
Managing Artistic Director | 3Pumpkins
Director | Freight Architects
Programme Director | Urban-Rural Systems, Future Cities Lab
Researcher | Urban-Rural Systems, Future Cities Lab
Founder | BETA Architects
Co-Founder | Tetawowe Atelier
Co-Founder | Tetawowe Atelier
Coordinator | VERNADOC
Community Designer | Studio-L


Programme Coordinator | SUTD O-Lab / SURGe

Ha Tshui Mum

Indonesia at Archifest 2020: PRAKARSA - A Roundtable Discussion



24 October

1:00 - 3:00pm ( SGT), 12:00 - 2:00pm (WIB)



The increasing urgency to tackle humanitarian and ecological issues worldwide, have compelled creatives to step into the role of activists in-and-beyond their domain practices, through a slew of initiatives – [prakarsa] in Bahasa Indonesia.

Many of them have architecture background.

What motivated them to undertake such mission? Why they stepped out of the comfort and safety of the establishment and re-oriented their work towards such undertaking? How architecture as a discipline enable them to do so?

We’ve invited some of these inspiring architect-activists – from Indonesia and Singapore, to share their stories in a roundtable discussion presented by the Singapore Chapter of Indonesian Institute of Architects.


Rendy Aditya Wachid
Ronaldiaz Hartantyo
Diandra Pandu
Mirza Harahap
Stephen Cairns
Miya Irawati
Lim Masulin
Larry Yeung

Founder | Parongpong Recycle and Waste Management
Co-Founder | Mycotech Lab
Design Team | Sekolah Indonesia Cepat Tanggap
Design Team | Sekolah Indonesia Cepat Tanggap
Programme Director | Urban-Rural Systems, Future Cities Lab
Researcher | Urban-Rural Systems, Future Cities Lab
Founder | BYO Living
Executive Director | Participate in Design


Scenario Coordinator | Archipelago Cities - Future Cities Lab ETH Zurich

Devisari Tunas

Hokkien Mee Diplomacy Forum



30 October

7:00 - 9:00pm (SGT)



Examining the environmental issues to respond to the current crisis by relocalising the globalisation, Hokkien Mee Diplomacy Forum explores the various forms of local agriculture resilience and emerging Built Environment dynamics. Several international speakers will question the autochthonous practices and customs of revitalisation to resolve the food security issues in Singapore and the rest of the world. Animated by several international built environment designers--Alban Mannisi, Bjorn Low, Charles Anderson, Yazid Ninsalam, Ng Jin Xi, Andrew Lee, and Calvin Chua, the forum will discuss several built and research projects.

As the part of the series of international workshops Design Diplomacy, Hokkien Mee Diplomacy aims to provide an overview of the current Singapore/Malaysian environmental injustice situation; develop critical tools and methodologies of engaging in this arena; provide a systematic compendium of case studies of these complex phenomena for the enthusiastic new generation of landscape architects / planners / environmental designers concerned with the ethical behaviours towards humans and non-humans.


Alban Mannisi
Charles Anderson
Yazid Ninsalam
Bjorn Low
Ng Jin Xi
Andrew Lee
Calvin Chua

Landscape Urbanist | Scapethical, RMIT Australia
Landscape Architect | CAStudios, SAALA, RMIT Australia
Landscape Architect | Superterrestrial / RMIT Australia
Urban Farmer | Edible Garden City
Design Strategist | Gensler Singapore
Director | Ong and Ong
Founder | Adjunct Assistant
Professor | Spatial Anatomy / SUTD


To be announced later

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