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Fri, 27 Sep -
Wed, 9 Oct
9am - 7pm daily
The URA Centre
45 Maxwell Rd,
Singapore 069118
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Craft is Great
Showcasing the creative inspiration behind cleverly crafted architecture surrounding us today leads to the development of better, smarter cities. 

This exhibition shines the spotlight on bespoke architectural designs in the UK and Singapore. It explores the concept of architecture as a craft, drawing from ancient to modern methods of making.

The #SGUKpartnership aims to identify and create opportunities to promote sustainable business and innovation through collaborative partnerships for the future.

About the SG-UK Partnership for the Future 
2019 is a significant year for both Singapore and the United Kingdom, marking the Bicentennial of the founding of modern Singapore and the beginning of a new era for the UK. The SG-UK Partnership for the Future builds on our historical links by celebrating all that our nations are already achieving and looks to the future by launching new collaboration initiatives.
Department for International Trade:

The Department for International Trade (DIT) helps businesses export and grow into global markets. DIT also helps overseas companies locate and grow in the UK.


Every project at Foster + Partners starts with fresh thinking, leading to solutions that are tailor-made to sites and users.

A multi-disciplinary in-house team consisting of structural and environmental engineers, specialist design teams and architects collaborate to develop fully integrated design solutions.

The end result is not just a well-designed building but a set of well-crafted components which are obsessively refined, optimised and integral to the final solution.

The Foster + Partners exhibit will bring to the fold these well-crafted components which are essential to the whole: from an innovative structure supporting the glulam timber at the Kulm Eispavillon, to the elegant columns of Chateau Margaux elevating a clay tiled roof, to the distinctive hypotrochoid stepped ramp forming the central focus of Bloomberg European HQ in London, awarded the Stirling Prize. These featured elements showcase how an integrated design approach can help deliver ground breaking yet elegant solutions.
Project: Kulm Eispavillon Redevelopment

St Moritz 2015 – 2016The project restores the existing 1905 eispavillon which played host to the 1928 and 1948 Winter Olympics. The new scheme brings the building back to its original state with the ice skating rink as the focus, while introducing a new club restaurant and sun terrace for visitors and the local Engadin community to enjoy. Located on the northern edge of the Davos Plaun, which forms an ice rink in the winter and a wide lawn for outdoors exhibitions and events in the summer, the new extension is a flexible structure that provides a platform for various activities from a sun terrace to a concert stage. The design of the new pavilion continues the Engadin tradition of woodcraft, with a cantilevering canopy that extends from the street edge to form a partially covered space, sheltered from rain and snow. The canopy is made of horizontal wooden slats which allow for views through to street level. The structure extends into a wall that curves around the northern corner of the site, terminating in a smaller sun canopy at the other end. This allows for views towards the skating rink and the surrounding mountains from the street, while protecting the site from the cold winds that blow into the valley.
Broadway Malyan:

Broadway Malyan aims to strengthen the connection between people and the places they share, paying particular attention to the physical and social identities that define a place.At the heart of this approach is understanding the importance of heritage in generating a shared memory of the past, and harnessing a collective inheritance that provides a sense of belonging and community.Embracing the contextual heritage of a building or a site provides a sense of identity, understanding and continuity for future generations in a rapidly changing world while celebrating the craft and integrity of what came before.

Project: Mann Island Liverpool, UK

Located between the former commercial port buildings that form the celebrated Three Graces alongside the old Liverpool docks, Mann Island provides an architectural counterpoint to its historic surroundings while respecting the visual ambiance and character of the World Heritage Site. The mixed-use scheme does not aim to compete with the Three Graces but instead reflects the hinge point in the urban grain with two residential sculpted forms responding to the geometry of the nearby docks, while the third linear commercial building relates to the city grid beyond. The polished granite facades reflect the texture and detailing of Liverpool’s pale stone vernacular, while three new public spaces open up view sequences across the docks and reconnect the city to the historic waterfront.
MET Studio:

MET’s mission is to tell stories, creating magic with them, that universally educate, inspire and entertain, always with integrity.With over 30 years experience in planning, designing and delivering cultural hubs, museums, brand experiences, expos, visitor centres, exhibitions and attractions, MET Studio combines strategic vision and insight with cutting-edge creativity to bring to life environments and experiences that truly connect with audiences. We believe that by adopting a full 360º understanding of our approach to visitor experience, we are accountable for the incredible throughout a project’s lifespan, from the very first feasibility studies at project inception, to ongoing customer retention, through every stage in-between.

Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA):

The Royal Institute of British Architects was founded in 1834 for ‘the general advancement of Civil Architecture, and for promoting and facilitating the acquirement of the knowledge of the various arts and sciences connected therewith’. The RIBA is a global professional membership body driving excellence in architecture. We serve our members and society in order to deliver better buildings and places, stronger communities and a sustainable environment. Being inclusive, ethical, environmentally aware and collaborative underpins all that we do.