Event no.
Date & Time
Sat, 28 Sep, or
Sun, 29 Sep, or
Sat 5 Oct, or
Sun, 6 Oct

8.30am - 1.30pm, or
1.30pm - 6.30pm
Organised by
The Architecture
Society, NUS
S$60 adult
S$50 student
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Architours 2019
7 time slots
Immerse in the rich atmosphere of Singapore’s architectural environment spanning the historical to the contemporary, and discover hidden spaces around Singapore. Architours promise exclusive access into architectural gems, where participants are led closer than ever before to the projects! Get behind-the-scenes with the architects who brought them to life, as they share their insights on the processes of design and construction.

This year’s theme on Craft selects projects that embody craftsmanship in various ways – the artisanal in an age of mechanical replication, digital making as enabled by technology, and the patina that good craftsmanship allows to form over time.

Join Architours to get up close and personal with extraordinary spaces, meet their makers and hear the untold stories.

Tour 1
Gallery House @ Cardiff Grove; CIAP Architects
The Flow @ East Coast; KYOOB Architects
Khong Guan Building; Meta-studio
Ticket: Tour 1
Tour 2
My First Skool @ Segar Gardens; LAUD Architects
National University Centre for Oral Health; A61
Living Grid House; L Architects
Ticket: Tour 2
Tour 3
Sparkletots Preschool; LAUD Architects
City Gate; SAA Architects
30 Chartwell Drive; ipli Architects
Ticket: Tour 3
Tour 4
Design Orchard; WOHA
My First Skool @ Punggol; LAUD Architects
House above Kasai Road; ipli Architects
Ticket: Tour 4
Tour 5
Asian Civilization Museum, New Wing; Greenhilli Pte Ltd
Baba House; various parties
Location to be announced
Ticket: Tour 5
Tour 6
Semi-Detached at Jalan Kembangan; Timur Designs
Camo House; WOW Architects
FOC Sentosa; JGP
Ticket: Tour 6
Tour 7
Aperture House; Formwerkz Architects
Oasis Terrace; Serie Architects
Location to be announced
Ticket: Tour 7