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Upsized! EGC Tour
& Gardening Combo

City Sprouts
Farmers' Market

Archifest on Screen

Through partnering with different organizations around Singapore, Archifest aims to broaden the conversation surrounding architecture, its impacts and implications on people and the environment. By including various stakeholders originating from different fields, each fitting into our festival theme of the Order of Love, the love of our planet, love of people, and the love across generations, we highlight various initiatives that spread love in our modern, urban landscape. Through the curation of different hands-on experiences, we hope to foster a greater appreciation for the tiny acts of love present within our society today, inspiring people to spread love.

PARK(ing) Day 2022

Bamboo Workshop

Make Love,
Not War (Craft)


SIA-YAL Inter-IHL Cross Crit

YAL Pecha Kucha

Geylang Adventures

Yoga Class for the Steadiness of Mind

Exotic Plants and Other Lonely Ideas

Le Corbusier and Notre Dame Studio Showcase

Common Good
Pavilion Programmes

Photo Walk with
Darren Soh

Ground Up Initiative's Kampung Tour

Pechakucha Night Penang Vol. 17

Out Of Darkness: Learning About
Light Poverty

Maxwell Light-up

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