Common Good


Our world today is increasingly fragmented, yet ever more in need of cohesion. “The Order of Love” asks: How can designers and the arc of collaborators move towards a safe Anthropocene? That as we build, we seek a way to create a more loving and hospitable future characterised by mutual understanding, compassion, joy, acceptance, and a sense of belonging.


The archiPAVILION is a microcosm of a Global Village for the Archifest2022.


Love is the ordering principle around which 7 elements of the archiPAVILION radiate. A collection of 7 individual Pavilions which characterise 7 elements that make our city and communities loveable, and ultimately more human and humane.


Come on down to explore, enjoy, and interact with the Pavilions!

Opening Hours
Opens daily, 9:00am – 9:00pm


The URA Centre, 45
Maxwell Road, Singapore 069118